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Every outdoor enthusiast knows that fishing is a fantastic way to relax and have some great adventure in pursuit of a trophy fish. Rolling out of bed before dawn or staying up well past midnight is worth it when it gives you the opportunity to break from the routine as well as come home with a catch worthy of mounting and placing on the wall.

Fresh water fishing is dominated by anglers who want to tangle with monster largemouth bass or feisty northern pike. Bringing a large rainbow trout or king salmon to net is also worth every moment you spend on the stream or lake. For hungry fisherman, a nice mess of walleye, perch, bluegill, crappie or other pan fish is a worthwhile pursuit. Freshwater fishing basics include finding the right rod and reel combo for a specific species of fish or one that will work well for a variety of fish in a wide range of conditions. You’ll find equipment reviews for all of the fresh water fishing basics that matter to you.

We’ll help you find the right setup for the way you want to catch those keepers. We offer insight into the best fresh water fishing poles to use for the fish on your agenda. Find information on fishing rods from Daiwa, Shakespeare, Shimano, Abu Garcia, St. Croix, Fenwick, G Loomis and many more on our pages.

We also provide insight into the latest information on fresh water fishing kayaks that will let you get right on top of the action with ease and high performance. You’ll find consumer information on sit-in kayaks as well as sit on top models. Feedback from fellow fisherman will help you choose the right kayak for the conditions in which you fish.

If salt water fishing is your preferred approach, we review the equipment you need to be successful. Find in-depth information on salt water fishing poles from Monarch, Daiwa, Pinnacle, Quantum, Shimano and other top manufacturers of salt water fishing basics. When you have the right equipment you’ll find it easier to make good use of the information you have about the salt water tactics for the fish in your area. It takes different methods, bait and equipment to catch tarpon in the flats than it does to land a trophy tuna or marlin in open water. We can outfit you to pursue any game fish you want to take!

One of the newest methods of taking nice fish in salt water is to head into the surf on one of the latest salt water fishing kayaks offered by today’s top manufacturers. The trend in kayaks is toward sit-on-top models that deliver greater flexibility. They are also easier to maneuver into position and when a trophy fish is hooked they offer you the leverage you need to be the master in bringing the fish to the net. Find the information you want on rotomold models as well as two-piece hull and deck kayaks from Wilderness Systems, Hobie, Malibu, Ocean Kayak Pelican and more.

Are you ready to have the best fishing experience of your life? Wherever you want to fish, from the pristine and cold lakes of the northern Midwest to the salty brine of the Gulf Coast, and every hot spot in between, we will put you in touch with today’s top fishing gear and offer the insightful tips that will make you a better angler starting today!

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