Saltwater Fishing Boats

There are a variety of different salt water fishing boats available for every angler. The best salt water fishing boats are available in various styles such as inflatable boats and kayaks to the simple Jon boats. Inflatable boats are easy to store and inflate in about 15 minutes with a foot pump. They can also be reduced down to the size of a backpack and easily carried. The Sea Eagle Fisherman’s Dream Kit is a perfect example of an inflatable boat that is easy to transport and assemble. Weighing only 40 pounds, the Sea Eagle 9 can carry up to 1,200 pounds. This means you can carry approximately 5 adults on this inflatable watercraft. This inflatable boat also has a motor mount that can withstand the power of a 4 horsepower motor. These boats come equipped with screw-type valves, rope lacing, oar locks, and a repair kit for repairs.

The Jon boat is a great boat for fishing on calmer lakes that have no waves. They are stable enough for fishing and can also be used for hunting. A great example is the Sun Dolphin Pro 120 Jon Boat. This eleven-foot Jon boat is equipped with a fuse box with wiring, built-in cooler, extra large compartments, and is pre-wired so you can add a bow-mounted motor. This particular Jon boat is made of polyethylene plastic and comes with a UV protected finish. At 649 pounds, transporting this Jon boat is a breeze.

After making a boat style selection, you will want to invest some time into figuring out the rigging options for your salt water fishing boat. There are many options to choose from when deciding. For these lightweight watercraft, you can add a MinnKota Endura 30. This lightweight motor, which puts out 30 pounds of thrust, is perfect for the Sea Eagle 9. You may want to upgrade it even more by using the Torqeedo 1003S. This motor has 3 horsepower and even has an auto-kickup feature in case you ground your watercraft. These motors plus rowing oars will make your boat ready to handle any situation. You can also customize the type and number of rod holders that you want to have added to your watercraft. In addition, you can also opt to add extra chairs or a more durable floorboard. This floorboard adds more support to the floor of the watercraft.

You may need to know how to select a salt water fishing boat based on various aspects such as where you are going to be fishing or the condition of the water. Jon boats are not particularly steady on rougher water because of their flat bottoms. They do make for perfect fishing if you are on a calm lake on a slow stream. For those wishing to fish on the open sea, the most ideal watercraft is the 124 Super Motor Mount Ultimate Package. This 50 pound inflatable watercraft can hold up to 4 people or 1560 pounds and is able to reach a top speed of 6 miles per hour with a Toqeedo 1003S. This gas-powered motor has 3 horsepower and even has an auto-kickup feature in case you ground your watercraft for added safety. With this information, selecting your next salt water boat will be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.