Unite Danglers

Let’s face it. Life can be dull. Days at the office run together and the 2.2 kids, the wife, and the picket fence just don’t seem to cut it anymore. Well, isn’t that what brings you to Unite Danglers? Unite Danglers is the place for all of your adrenaline needs including extreme sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping, motorbiking, and even white water rafting. These are the types of sports that get the blood flowing and the heart pounding. There is nothing like dropping from a ten foot waterfall into turbulent hydraulics. Nothing releases the endorphins like plunging from a perfectly functioning airplane. For all of these extreme sports and more, Unite Danglers has got it covered.

Over the last few decades, skydiving has gone from a military maneuver to an art form. Some of the acrobatics that can be performed at terminal velocity can be accomplished no where else on earth. With the invention of the wing suit, man has come as close to flying as ever has been imagined. Some of the most hair raising videos ever shot were those from a helmet camera strapped to someone in a wing suit.

Bungee Jumping
Invented by early man to impress “the ladies,” bungee jumping has progressed significantly over the years. What was once practiced with a hemp rope strapped to one’s leg is now a very popular, and less back breaking, extreme sport. Bungee jumping from river bridges, cranes, and other platforms took the world by storm in the late 1980s and has become a world phenomenon.

With the advent of the dirt bike, motorcycling’s roots changed forever. The open road was not the only place to explore on the steel horse, and the dirt bike opened up deserts, mountains, and other natural terrain to motorcycles. Eventually, these riders began soaring off of hillsides and riding wheelies through football stadiums. If attempting a double back flip while propelling oneself with a 500 cc engine sounds like a good idea, motorbiking is the sport.

White Water Rafting
Who knew that what was once considered one of the dumbest ideas known to man would become one of the most popular extreme sports in existence? White water rafting is an extreme sport open to almost all age brackets. In practically every corner of the globe, white water rafting tours are available. However, some are far more extreme than others. Kayakers have paddled some waters that were considered impassable only a few years ago. Some have lost their lives attempting these feats. White water rafting is one of the most adrenaline pumping extreme sports in the world.

Join Us
Unite Danglers focuses on all aspects of extreme sports and welcomes the experiences of its visitors. For those that have other extreme sports he or she wants to share, please feel free. Unite Danglers make sense of the world by testing life in every way possible. Extreme sports push one to the edge and keep them coming back for more.